I believe life begins at conception until natural death. I have been personally touched by the power of adoption. My sister and nephew are both adopted and are beautiful examples of choosing life. In Congress I will advocate for pro-life legislation and be a voice for the pre-born. As a County Commissioner I stood up for life and advocated that we stop doing business with companies that fund Planned Parenthood.

I am a passionate defender of the right to keep and bear arms. I am a gun owner and life member of the NRA. As a commissioner I received an A rating from the NRA. I believe the 2nd Amendment is an individual right that should not be infringed. As a commissioner I fought to allow our employees to conceal carry on the job for personal protection, and I led the effort to make Clay County a Second Amendment Sanctuary. In Congress I will cosign a national conceal carry reciprocity bill. So-called Red Flag laws are a violation of due process, and in Congress I’ll continue to oppose them.

While deployed to a combat zone I dealt with Communist Chinese aggression first hand. They were building a military base in Djibouti Africa as part of an ongoing effort to expand their global influence and displace the United States. Communist China is fighting a Stealth War against us — we must fight back before it’s too late. I’ll stand shoulder to shoulder with President Trump and hold Communist China accountable.

We must stop illegal immigration by building a wall and securing our borders. We must also reform the legal immigration system to a more sustainable level so people can assimilate and become Americans.

Agriculture is a key foundation of the economy in our district, in Florida, and the nation. My Bachelor’s degree is in Agriculture from the University of Florida where I was a brother in Alpha Gamma Rho — the agriculture fraternity on campus. Having grown up in a rural area, I understand how farms and ranches strengthen our local economy, and I will continue to be a voice for agriculture as a member of Congress.

I am a strong supporter of American businesses and the vital role that small businesses play in our growing economy. I have invested in several start up companies and know first hand the challenges so many business owners face — especially burdensome regulations. Congress must do everything it can to remove the regulatory red tape that so often hinders success, and simplify government processes whenever possible. We must also protect American companies from intellectual theft from China and other unfair trade policies of the Communist Party of China.

As a veteran of the Global War on Terror and a member of the VFW, I’m committed to fighting for our nation’s veterans. I have fought for Veterans during my time on the Clay County Commission, and in Congress I’ll continue to do so. As commissioner I advocated for allowing veterans to receive a complimentary library card, supported a veteran parking space at the administration office, supported a Veteran’s memorial, and proposed beginning each meeting with a local veteran leading us in the pledge.

Most importantly, I believe that Congress needs leaders that will hold the Department of Veterans Affairs accountable and give America’s veterans the care they deserve.

We need to get the government out of healthcare and put consumers in control of their healthcare choices. I believe the biggest problem in healthcare is the Affordable Care Act and the complicated issues it causes for so many Americans. People need affordable and easily accessible healthcare, and it is vitally important that we promote free market healthcare options for all Americans. It’s estimated that a third of the cost of healthcare is administrative bureaucracy. I believe the answer is more competition, not more government.

It’s also clear that Congress must develop a strong and proactive plan to deal with epidemics across the globe — but we must do more. Bringing the manufacturing of medical supplies back to the United States is non-negotiable, and it should be a top priority for this Congress and the next.

We’ve seen an energy boom under President Trump, and our country is now energy independent. Energy is a critical part of a strong economy and also key to national security. I believe we must also balance our energy needs with those of our natural resources.

We should increase the capacity for storage and transport of natural gas in Florida to allow clean burning energy to be exported to the Caribbean and South America. This creates American jobs and strengthens our economy.

As a teacher with a masters degree in Education, I understand the power and promise of education. I believe strongly in school choice and allowing parents to determine the best fit for their children. I also believe we need to do a better job of teaching civics and American history, and that’s why I taught those subjects in the classroom.